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Improve Perfomance By Making Data Driven Decisions

Optimize your competetiveness and efficiency in today's detail-driven world by making effective decisions based on data.

Data science capacity strategies

We support businesses to establish data science potential, capacity requirements and strategies.

Data collection strategies

With a strong team of data analysts we help our clients by developing effective strategies for data collection.

Big Data Mining

We support our clients to extract and retrieve data relevant to their business needs.

Data Modeling

We help our clients analyse, define and establish relationships between data


Explore Our Data Science Process

Do you want to gain insight on a field, industry, market or business. Make data driven decisions with the use of data analytics and data mining concepts and tools.

work process
  • Step 1

    Data Exploration and Value Extraction Workflow

    Data is obtained and cleaned of "noise" and rid of in-complete data. The process entails of data sampling and transformation.

  • Step 2

    Data Modeling

    Once the data has been cleaned and prepped, we implement machine learning algorithms which is where the data is fitted into the model whereby the model is derived from data selected and business requirement to be fulfilled.

  • Step 3

    Testing the Models

    This is the most critical stage of the process whereby the model is tested with test data to evaluate the accuracy of data and has relevant desirable properties. If not xata modelling process is repeated or other alternative approaches are executed.

  • Step 4

    Deploy Models

    The model that produces the accurate results based on the assessed findings is complete its delivered and deployed in the production environment.